Welcome to Base-Camp "Door County Vets"! Uncle Sam is calling us to stand mission-ready before the next terrorist attack, natural disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis! You're urged to join your local VFW, AMVET, Americaon Legion, Marine Corp League, Disabled American Veterans, or veteran post of your choice ASAP! If you're already a member you're asked to contact your commander and update your contact information. Note: You can enlist on line or contact any post member for your marching orders!

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Headquarter's - Basic Training

VFW Post #8337 Liberty Grove, WI

VFW Post #9290 Fish Creek, WI

VFW Post #3088 Sturgeon Bay, WI

AMVET  Post #51  Sturgeon Bay, WI
American Legion Posts #527  Sister Bay, WI
American Legion Posts #72  Sturgeon Bay, WI
American Legion Posts #372 Maplewood, WIWI
American Legion Posts #402 Washington Island, WI
Marine Corp League Sturgeon Bay, WI
Veterans: The first step in becoming "mission ready" is to learn as much as you can about our Door County Emergency Government, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Homeland Security Professionals. Learn what they are doing, get to know them all, and get to know them KNOW.

For example, click here to learn about our Door County Emergency Services Committee...

To learn about local VA Benefits go to: www.co.door.wi.gov
To learn about State VA Benefits go to: www.dva.state.wi.us
To learn about Federal VA Benefits go to: www.va.gov
To keep on top of protection our nations infrastructure, I recommend joining InfraGard, an FBI public-to-private partnership formed in 1996. Go go: http://www.infragard.net/
To keep up with terrorist alerts in Wisconsin, join the Midwest Emergency Response network at: https://mwern.usp3.org/
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Basic Training Camp Alpha
We need to come up with a system to track and assemble our veterans on active duty, retired, and deceased.

To accomplish this mission we're creating a series of surveys and web-driven log in forms. We're also working with any veteran supported web site to include those at our Wisconsin Veteran Museum.

We encourage our schools, librarians, scout troops, clubs, churches, retirement communities, etc. use and improve to web tools. If anyone has a data base for cemeteries in Door County we'd like your support to include a link to your online data. 

Five Year Mission Statement 9-11-02 to 9-11-07

Door County Veterans Stand Guard at Deaths Door!

This site continues to be dedicated to all US military veterans standing guard, mission-ready to protect and defend our homeland. Through this site, we'll recruit, enlist, train, and deploy veterans at the local level anytime our county or community stands in harms way. Through this site we'll form public-to-private partnerships to combat terrorism, reinforce local law enforcement', fire fighter', emergency government' and homeland security' first responders. We'll offer basic training in incident command and control (ICS).  

Once a veteran, always a veteran. It's in your blood 24/7, 365 days a year to protect, defend, and come to the aide of anyone in harms way. This site will help you to learn the Incident Command System (ICS), communicate using "easy speak," manage response and recovery assets during a crisis, and update your contingency, event, and crisis management plans.

If you're a veteran, I encourage you to join a veterans' post (VFW, AMVETs, American Legion, Marine Corps League, etc.) near your home and stand ready to deploy during the next natural disaster, terrorist attack, pandemic, or large scale community crisis.

There are four American Legion posts in Door County (Post 72 in Sturgeon Bay, Post 372 in Maplewood, Post 527 in Sister Bay, and Post 402 on Washington Island), three Veteran of Foreign War (VFW) posts (Liberty Grove Post 8337, Fish Creek Post 9290, and Sturgeon Bay post 3088), one AMVET Post 51 in Sturgeon Bay, one Marine Corp League Detachment 1130 in Sturgeon Bay and the Cooties Post 43 in Sturgeon Bay.

A three member "Veterans Commission" appointed by the Door County Board of Supervisors hires a "Veteran's Service Officer" to administer veterans affairs in Door County. There is also a "Veteran's Council" made up of two representatives from each post.

NOTE: The ICS and emergency response protocols taught through this site compliment and reinforce those taught by your local fire chief, law enforcement', and emergency government' ICS instructors. Contact them for the latest ICS protocols, NIMS updates, and Homeland Security directives.

In a "home-rule" society it's the local fire chief who's in command during any community crisis. Invite him or her to your next discussion on homeland security, natural disasters, pandemics, or how to respond during a large scale community crisis.

Through this site we'll promote public-to-private partnerships in the war on terrorism. In Wisconsin, we'll use this site as "Role Call" site through which we'll track and support our active duty solders, veterans attached to any veterans' post, and those needing assistance during a community crisis.

"This site will always be under construction so please forgive my very limited web design and maintenance skills. I was trained to be an army grunt, not a computer geek! 

Rich Woldt  Lifetime Member of VFW Post #8337

Rich Woldt  Viet Nam 68 - 70Member: VFW :Post 8337, AMVET Post 51, and AL Post 527


Uncle Sam Needs YOU!

  • Terrorists threaten our way of life!
  • Columbine styled attacks strike close to home!
  • Tornados and wildfires are annual events! 
  • We're not immune to pandemics!
  • Children go missing, gangs roam our back roads, crooks hide in our homes, drug dealers deal in our orchards, drunks keep driving, pedophiles move into our county, terrorist case our community, and every-once-and-a-while we blow up a local landmark.

All veterans are urged to join a veteran post near their home. To better protect and defend our homeland while supporting our local emergency government, law enforcement, fire fighters, active military, and homeland security professionals, we're going to offer Incident Command and Control training to include "basic training" in...

  • How to take command and control of a crime scene until authorities arrive,
  • How to provide "appropriate first aide for heart attacks and burn victims until the EMTs arrive,
  • How to provide protection for terrorist targets during a parade or community festival,
  • How locate, lockdown, link, and extracate a target during an attack,
  • How to conduct a bomb threat assessment and search,
  • How to report suspicious activity to proper authorities (i.e. through  911, InfraGard (FBI), County Social Services, etc.),
  • And much, much, more!

To make sure you and your family are "mission-ready" before the next community crisis, join the veteran post of your choice today!       

Uncle Sam not only wants, he needs you to help protect your homeland AND hometown!

Click here to join a VFW post near you!  Click here to visit other VFW post sites!
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To conduct your own research on fellow veterans I suggest you visit the Wisconsin Veterans Museum at: www.museum.dva.state.wi.us/researchcenter.asp

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