Welcome to Base-Camp "Door County Vets"! Uncle Sam is calling us to stand mission-ready before the next terrorist attack, natural disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis! You're urged to join your local VFW, AMVET, Americaon Legion, Marine Corp League, Disabled American Veterans, or veteran post of your choice ASAP! If you're already a member you're asked to contact your commander and update your contact information. Note: You can enlist on line or contact any post member for your marching orders!

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Our site' mission is to mobilize Door County US Military Veterans into "unified" incident commands mission ready to respond when public sector response assets are overwhelmed by the scope or exhausted by the duration of any local, regional, national, or global crisis. This is an R&D site managed by Risk Management Learning Center faculty at: www.RMLearningCenter.com.

Veteran organizations are used to field test "Private Sector" emergency response protocols, update Risk Management (RM) methods, and provide basic Incident Command System (ICS) training in the private sector. Our primary mission is to form efficient and effective private-to-private and public-to-private partnerships during any large scale community crisis.        Rich Woldt

This site is used to form community VIPER and CIRT squads, conduct pre event threat assessments and establish global communications through www.skype.com.

Rich Woldt - Commander Liberty Grove VFW Post 8337

Through this site we mobilize Unified Incident Commands in the private sector focused on Maslow's Hierarchy of Victim' Needs. 

Basic training tutorials are available through The Risk Management Learning Center at www.RMLearningCenter.com

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs!

Let it be written - Let it be done

Homeland Security Basic Training... begins with a study of  our "Public Sector" response and recovery assets. The US is a "Home-Rule" county which means the ultimate responsibility for our safety is in the hands of local government. The "Rife-of-the-Shire" i.e. "Sheriff" is the chief law enforcement officer.

Basic Incident Command System Training: When a crisis occurs, public sector first responders arrive at the scene to assess damages and determine the incident type, scope, and the potential for scope creep. The first person at the scene becomes the "Incident Commander (IC)" for their responding organization. There is always only one Incident Commander (IC) for each responding organization. If it's a minor incident, meaning the IC can handle all Safety, Information, and Liaison duties the IC will declare it a "Single Command." However, if the type, scope, or potential for scope creep is more than can be handled under a Single Command, the IC will request a "Unified Command" be activated. The IC will designate a Safety Officer, Information Officer, and Liaison Officer and request an Operations Chief set up a staging area, a Planning Chief write an operational period action plan, a Logistics Chief to set up an Emergency Operation Center EOC, and a Finance Chief log all responding assets including personnel and equipment into the staging area. 

Unified Command - The Concertina Effect: Because there are many perspectives of the same incident, there are seldom two "Unified" commands that are the same. What's important is each unified command have only one IC per responding organization and each IC make sure that all safety, information, and liaison duties are handled by qualified persons. 
As the scope of this incident grows, expect representatives from all levels of government to be brought in by the local authorities.

Door County Veterans

Standing Guard at Deaths Door!

Lesson #1  A Study of Public Sector Homeland Security Professionals

Door County Veterans: Click here and become familiar with our Door County Sheriff's Department website. Since the 1500's in Europe, it has been the "Rife-of-the-Sire" who's empowered to enforce the laws of the land. Little has changed in the past 300 years. Click here to reach the Sturgeon Bay Police Department web site and Click here to learn more other law enforcement agencies serving Door County.

All veterans should become familiar with on-line emergency government support available through our government web sites. Click here and make this site a quick link on your desk top.

Firemen and women will be first on the scene. Click here to learn more about our highly trained and mission ready Door County Firefighters.

 Go to www.co.door.wi.gov to reach other Door County Homeland Security resources. Go to our www.RMLearningCenter.com, www.ASIS067.com, www.VFWPost8337.com, and www.COPs007.com, to reach our Risk Management R&D Library.


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Richard A. "Rich" Woldt

Viet Nam Veteran -

November 1968 - January 1970

We'll never forget nor be caught off guard!

Door County veterans salute our County Veteran Service Officer for his professionalism and dedication to his fellow veterans!

Scott McFarlane Door County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO)Place www.wicvso.org in your favorites

Note: go to your respective post' web site such as www.VFWPost8337.com or our CVSO website at www.wicvso.org to determine your eligibility to belong to one of the seven veteran posts in Door County.

Click here for a tribute to John Mahoney --- Click here!

Click here for a word copy of VFW Post 8337 January news letter and tribute to Richard S. Davis to post. Click here for pdf file!

Note:  Per our CVSO... http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagetiq.html is an excellent site to learn about flag etiquette.

United States Veterans Salute Richard S. (Dixie - The Colone) Davis Jr. Stop!  Born August 7, 1925, WWII Purple Heart Recipient, Stop!  Died Tuesday, December 9, 2008, STOP!

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Rich Woldt - VFW Post 8337 Commanding 

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Posted 1-1-08

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