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Veteran are embedded at every level of the public and private sectors of society!

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VFW Post 8337 - Private Sector Liaisons Your on-site Risk Management (RM) Resource!

Veterans are embedded at every level of the private sector! They're well positioned to provide 24/7 "closed loop" feedback to incident commanders. They're well positioned to file threat assessments and  incident reports, as well as provide valuable insight for event and contingency planners. They're well positioned to conduct risk management self assessments, monitor regulatory compliance with health, safety, and security legislation, and ensure regular testing, servicing, and upgrading of security systems based on changing threats and exposures. 

Liaisons will most likely be first to the scene, first to offer aid to victims, first to determine the crisis type, scope, potential for scope creep, and estimated duration. There's no set number of Liaisons/Risk Managers needed. I teach, "We're all Risk Managers!" Ultimately, we're all responsible for our own health and safety let alone economic well being. Those who are 100% sure they can hire, appoint, elect, or bribe someone to pull them out of their pool, are bound to eventually drown. No matter how much money we pump into the public sector, no matter how much equipment we buy or training we give, it only takes one broken link in their response to arrive two minutes late to the scene.

If I were to pick the most valuable lesson learned from 9-11-01, terrorist attacks, the tsunami, the last pandemic, and Hurricane Katrina, it would be; No family, company, or community should let the sun go down without having their own "Worst Case Scenario" contingency plan written to the "International 72 hour Stand-alone Performance Standard.  That's the Standard veterans march to, and the International Standard on which the world credit union movement has been built!

The US military enlists troops from every level of society and every corner of our country. It therefore follows that veterans are embedded at every level of the public and private sectors of our society. Seven VFW Post 8337 liaisons provide a "closed-loop" communications link between our Post 8337 and the community (Liberty Grove), county (Door), and country (USA) we serve. There are three Post 8337 liaisons with the public sector (Law Enforcement, Emergency Government with Fire Fighters, and Legislature) who report monthly on public sector initiatives requiring support from the private sector. And, four Post 8337 liaisons with the private sector (Homeland Security/Contingency Planning, Health/Safety,  History/Patriotism, and Chaplain/Trauma Management). The seven liaisons form our post's "unified" Incident Command during a terrorist attack, natural or man-made disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis. 

Note form the Commander:  Al Qaida has franchised their operations with the expressed intention to embed operatives anywhere there is a disgruntled citizen, social or political extremist, depressed or angry youth, or anyone looking for a cause focused on attacking and destroying the economic infrastructure of any open and free society.   Across the nation, there is a movement of collaboration between government, businesses, and non-profit organizations to ensure that communities are safe, secure, and economically robust.   Government seeks these partnerships as an opportunity to utilize private sector resources to mitigate the impact of critical incidents, engage in pre-planning with businesses for continuity of operation planning (COOP), and strengthen relationships with the private sector.  The business community supports these partnerships, as it benefits their short and long term strategic planning, enhances their level of emergency preparedness, and strengthens their relationship  with government entities and officials. 

VFW Post 8337 Liaisons

(June 2008 - July 2009)

Duties and Responsibilities

Post 8337 Liaison


Post Commander: Acts as liaison between fellow VFW Post commanders in District 8, Wisconsin, and Nationally. The commander promotes joint operations to test contingency plans and emergency response protocols, negotiates mutual aid agreements between VFW Post 8337 and other VFW posts as well as the American Legion, AMVET, and Marine Corp League posts in Door County;

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VFW Post 8337 Commander:  Rich Woldt

Law Enforcement Liaison: Primary responsibility is to act as liaison between VFW Post 8337 and local law enforcement to include Door County Sheriff and Sturgeon Bay Chief of Police. Duties include acting as VFW Post 8337 "Liaison Officer" during any private sector "Unified" command. This includes identifying and logging in law enforcement personnel to the EOC and staging areas.

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Vice Commander:          Davis Sitte

Fire Fighter & Emergency Government Liaison: Primary responsibility is to act as liaison between VFW Post 8337, our Liberty Grove Fire Chief and Director of Door County Emergency Government.  Duties include identifying and logging in all firefighters and emergency first responders into our "private sector" Incident Command EOC, staging areas, and mobile Command Posts.  Also acts as Post' Health/Safety liaison with the private sector.

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Post 8337 Surgeon Doctor Owen Larson

Legislature Liaison: Primary responsibilities include acting as liaison between VFW Post 8337 and our State and Local Government Representatives. Duties include identifying and logging in all government officials into our "private sector" Incident Command EOC, staging areas, and mobile Command Post. Also functions as Post' Homeland Security/Contingency Planning Liaison, overseeing Homeland Security projects as they relate to creating public-to-private partnerships and "unified" commands during the next terrorist attack, natural or man-made disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis.  

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John Mahoney acts as Post 8337 liaison with all levels of government to include the Liberty Grove Town Board, Door County Board of Supervisors, State and National legislators.

History & Patriotism Liaison: Purple Heart recipient and retired Gibraltar High School teacher and guidance councilor George Erickson acts as our Post' History & Patriotism Liaison. Together with Ladies Auxiliary member and wife Annett, they oversee our Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen contests, our youth scholarship programs. George is also our liaison with Purple Heart and Medal of Honor recipients. 

Chaplain Liaison: Our Post Chaplain acts as the liaison with our faith-based community which includes maintaining contacts with all priests, ministers, rabbis, etc. and chaplains for other veteran' posts in Door County. 

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Chaplain - 2007 - 2008 Leo Du Charme
Media Liaison: Acts as liaison with the media to include news papers, radio and television stations, and  news agencies on the local, state, and national level.. Acts as "Information Officer" during a unified command.

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Don Jensen


VFW Post 8337

priority goals for 2008 include:

  • Focus VA budgets on meeting veteran health care needs, correcting flaws in benefit and compensation programs, and streamlining the claims settlement process.
  • Ensure our active-duty, National Guard and Reserve troops receive increased pay, affordable health care, and adequate housing and work facilities for themselves and their families.
  • Promote veteran employment and education through a comprehensive GI Bill for the 21st century.
  • Enlist veterans in the war on terrorism and mobilize effort to support U.S. troops, their mission fighting terrorism, their need for increased and timely funding to fight the war, need to take decisive, preemptive, and offensive global action, secure U.S. borders, shorelines and all ports of entry, and halt the flow of illegal immigration.
  • Defend and protect our homeland: Support increased defense spending to fund all needed weapons programs, personnel initiatives and troop end-strength requirements, urge the continued development of a ballistic missile defense system, halt the development and/or proliferation of nuclear weapons or materiel by North Korea, secure Europe through the continued expansion of NATO, and investigate the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.
  • Actively promote military affairs that seek to improve the quality of life for all active-duty, National Guard and Reserve troops and their families, provide a military base-pay raise to restore full compatibility with private-sector wages, support efforts to lower the Guard and Reserve retirement pay age to 55, oppose any TRICARE fee increases.
  • Launch new efforts to capture our history, promote our traditions, encourage patriotism in our schools, achieve the fullest possible accounting of all U.S. POWs and MIAs from all wars, ensure the U.S. government keeps the POW/MIA issue elevated as a national priority, urge the President and Congress to fully fund the Joint POW/MIA accounting Command through a dedicated single-line item appropriation in the Defense budget, and support all POW/MIA public awareness initiatives.



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Ken Pollock, chaplain AMVET Post 51 points to Liberty Grove Town Hall view from satellite. Ken is a GIS Addressing and Zoning Specialist with the Door County Planning Department.


"Change is inevitable, adopting to change is optional!"

Rich Woldt - Commanding

VFW Post 8337

The Mission? Public sector liaisons change without warning.  Politicians lose elections, get impeached, and resign. Cops go postal and firemen burn out. It's no different in the private sector. Companies fold, executives run off with their assistants, employees quit and get fired, and volunteers die or retire to a better climate. There are no guarantee you'll be sitting in the same chair tomorrow. The motto in the credit union movement is, "Change is inevitable, adopting to change is optional." So here's my best advice:

  • Establish an endless network of private sector liaisons and designate one as your "primary" and one your "alternate" contact with each organization. (In the credit union movement we've designated one primary Credit Union Risk Manager (CURM) and an alternate at each credit union, Chapter, League, National and International credit union trade association. CUNA Mutual Group maintains Risk Managers around the world lead by International Risk Management executives at the world credit union headquarters in Madison Wisconsin

  • Automatically, designate the Chairman of the Board of Directors as your primary contact whether or not this person is your primary liaison/Risk Managers. If you don't set the tone from the top that "Crisis Management" let alone "Contingency Planning" is a corporate priority, building the rest of your Homeland Security program will be like pushing a rope up hill. Your primary contact should have both the responsibility and authority to act on behalf of the organization. Your primary contact/liaison need not be physically able to respond to the scene although it helps. (Note: Many of the veterans I selected as liaisons to VFW Post 8337'  were in their 70s and 80s, and some where confined to their home or retirement community. They were selected because they come to our command with vast experience in our community. They come with reputations of being leaders, being able to take command, define their mission, and execute protocols.)

  • Adopt International Performance Standards!

While the US Public Sector response to Katrina was the most successful emergency government response in the history of the world, (click here to read my white paper), it was not perceived that way. (Why? While the Incident Command System has been taught in the public sector since the end of WWII, there were few if any Unified commands set up at the local level during the first 72 hours following Katrina's landfall.) Since Katrina the ICS and NIMS are required training for all law enforcement officers, fire fighters and emergency government personnel. The credit union movement has been using a version of the ICS since the early 1900s when they formed unified commands to build the Hoover/Boulder Dam Project, solving the annual flooding and destruction of agriculture in the US Southwest. 

International Performance Standards!

  • All companies, groups, clubs, associations in the private sector should adopt the Incident Command System to their crisis management protocols. (There are many management systems in the private sector that have a crisis management components. For example, Management by Objective -MBO and the Customer Development Process -CDP both include a Contingency Planning, Business Continuity, Business Resumption components. The credit union movement has successfully integrated the Incident Command System and NIMS into their crisis management system of choice.)

  • We'll maintain a directory of liaisons in five ICS operational areas (Life Safety and Health, Security, Communications, Transportation, and Recovery/Reconstruction).

  • Our liaison' contact logs will be audited quarterly.

  • Embedded vets in both sectors will update contact information within 72 hours of any significant change.

  • Web Log in and Roll Call buttons will be standardized, posted throughout all Post' web sites, and tested each month during "Good of the Order!

  • Unless closed sessions are ordered, all Post meetings will be open to Post' public and private sector liaisons.

  • Post' security protocols require pictured IDs with written physical descriptions, key-codes, and passwords to gain entry to Level 3 "Private Sector" emergency operation centers (EOCs), staging areas and Mobile Command Posts (MCPs). 

Note to Risk Management Students:

These web pages contain more information than most that use hot links to our RM library. Reason? These pages are being used in Basic RM and Crisis management courses and I want students to be able to copy each as a handout. In AIT courses they will link to on-line R&D files.

Introduction to Post 8337 Liaisons:

Veterans embedded at all levels of the private sector provide an in-place and mission ready defense force during a terrorist attack, man-made or natural disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis requiring mass housing-in-place or a mass evacuation. force.

Rich Woldt

Veterans embedded in  tavern leagues and restaurant associations are well positioned to establish food supply lines during a crisis, feed troops in the field, set up food kitchen in shelters, and manage food distribution centers along evacuation routes. They also form VIPER squads and teach food handling health and safety protocols,      
Veterans Posts liaison with equestrian clubs and agriculture cooperative providing a cavalry ready to execute a  roundup, cattle drive, stock transport, or staging area veterinarian  to care for live stock pulled from a burning barn, escaping a wildfires, sever weather, or natural disaster putting them in harms way.

Veterans embedded in the services industry stand mission ready to reinforce hospitals staff, laundry supply lines, as well as establish delivery and distribution systems for shelters and shut-ins.


Veteran Door County ski patrollers  liaison with Aspen Colorado ski patrollers, members of the 10th Mountain Division, and private sector security for Colorado's Ski industry. Liaison provide valuable training in winter search and rescue.

Veterans liaison with local churches and the faith based community standing mission ready to manage the victim trauma at the scene, in shelters, along evacuation routes, or wherever their support is needed.
Veterans maintain liaisons with all media outlets, forming communication partnerships that stand mission ready to mobilize veterans during any community crisis.
Veterans maintain close-loop communications with the local press. Pictured is Door County Editor Charles Carlson and "Viet Nam Veteran and News Editor Joe Knaapen.
Veteran Post Historians liaison with Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipients.

VFW Post 8337 Purple Heart Recipient George Erickson oversees this project. 

Veterans liaison with comrades on active duty, their friends and family.

Refer to VFW Post 8337 Operations Iraqi Cover-up project and our Silver Star and Phone Card Programs.

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