This page is dedicated to Roy "Decker" Woldt! Veteran, Ball Player, Coach, Husband, Uncle, and Friend!

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This page supports the memorial service for Eloise Woldt, wife of Roy "Decker" Woldt VFW Post 8337!

This page is personal and top secret. If you're here and not invited, back out. OVER & OUT

Decker:  Below are pictures and links we discussed. The memorial sites included: and 

Click here for a copy of the note you wrote for our post about you and your squadron. 

  Rich Woldt   CEO-The Risk Management Learning Center

9-12-06:  Decker, per our conversation, 8 next to August "Dick" Woldt is available. I'll purchase it for $800 before the end of the year. Rich

I took the picture above standing on our family plot looking down toward Hwy 42 and grandpa Dick's grave.

The upper left is our family plot for eight. There are eight places, four in front and four behind the stone. Dad is in the front right plot which is #8, mom will be left of him in #7, Johnny left of her in #6, leaving the front right corner or #5 for a family-tree head-stone. The white bucket marks the front left corner of our family plot and the corner of #5. That was were I planned to be until I got married and reserved a place in the Saint Joseph mausoleum in Sturgeon Bay. Emily and I have C19-C20, high and dry and with a view of Wal-Mart's parking lot.

The picture to the left shows where Charles Woldt and August H. Dick" Woldt are buried. Dick is on plot #7 of eight in section H92 and next to Charles in #5. It appears there is no one in # 6 or #8 in that section. I dug down, just kidding, I "polled" down 42 inches in #8 before hitting something sold which I think was just a stone. Therefore, on December 31, 2006 I purchased lot #8 for Deck and Eloise Woldt. I'll had Darrel Lautenbach double check to make sure no one is buried there. The top of the vault in most plots is down 24 inches. So, you're guess is as good as mine. This single plot to the right of grandpa Dick is vacant and so is the one to the right of it.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
Each family plot has eight plots that are roughly 4X8. There appear to be only two in the one near highway 42. Charles is in #5, Grandpa Dick in #7 and the rest are vacant.
Decker:  The monument company recommended by Mark Forbes was owned by Gene Schram and now is owned by Bill and Carolyn Lehman. They're located north of Wal-Marts in Sturgeon Bay. They don't have many monuments on display nor do they have literature to send so I'll go to their outlet in Two Rivers and take pictures of your options. I'll post them on this site. Their contact information is as follows:  3785 Egg Harbor Road, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. Phone 920-743-3254.  I told them you or Sandy might be calling. 
Sandy:  Like Deck's suggested, I see the memorial for your mom next June as low key private family reunion than a religious service.  I called Bill Becker and Marcella and briefly discussed the memorial in with the Herbst family reunion. If we do the family reunion, we'll keep it separate from the memorial as discussed. You guys just show up in Door County and take part. I'm thinking of putting together an extended weekend to include cocktails and Friday night fish at Mikes Portside Pub in Jacksonport (Mike is Uncle Casey's grandson), followed by a gulf outing at the Orchard Gulf Course near the cemetery on Saturday morning (Paul Becker might be able to tell us how to set up a family tournament), followed by a family ball game at the Egg Harbor diamond, to include a pig roast done by cousin 5 times removed Mark Sewyer. On sunday morning Deck could go to church in Bailey's Harbor with the Becker's followed by a short memorial service grave side at the Egg Harbor Cemetery. If we did it like that, everyone could pick when they might want to join the weekend long celebration of your Mom's life. We could coordinate this all through the email address I set up for Deck at

As for where everyone would stay? I suggest we target putting everyone at the Lull Abi motel and Deck in my cottage on Church Street.  Her is a link to the Lull Abi web site at: and my web site at:


January 1, 2007:

OK Decker:  It's now the first of the year and I want to bring you up to date on plans for the week of June 23, 2007. As we discussed, we'll separate the memorial from anything else we might put together on that weekend. I purchased the plot and will be working with Bruce at the Lull-Abi about putting everyone up there and at my cottage. That's no big problem and everyone would be within walking distance of each other and town and golf, etc. Go to either or if you want to see more about my cottage.

Personally, I think you should let me put together a temporary head stone so we can than go together when you're here and pick out something you might really like. I'm going to be cutting my own head-stone and could duplicate Grampa's for you on a temporary basis. I made the the Head stone for Uncle Joe (picture below). 




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