Door County Veterans and The Egg Harbor Business Association Launch Operation Bucket Brigade During Pumpkin Patch 2006!


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The Incident Command System (ICS) is required teaching for all law enforcement, emergency government, fire departments, and Homeland Security personnel. Door County veterans practice ICS' protocols and NIMS' (National Incident Management System) terminology so they'll be ready to roll during any natural disaster, terrorist attack, man-made catastrophe, or pandemic. Veterans do NOT  replace professional first responders (fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency government or Homeland Security personnel). Rather, they provide a "fourth shift" when professional responders are overwhelmed or burned out, have exhausted their mutual aid agreements, or they're called to respond to a more serious community crisis. Tested under fire, veterans stand ready to roll when their community is under attack.

Incident Commander:               Carl T. Carlson - Commander       VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove
Operation Concealed Carry was a testing/training war game focused on safeguarding Sister Bay against a possible terrorist attack, robbery, toxic spill, anthrax scare, or bomb threat. Veterans conducted a vulnerability assessment and stood mission-ready to support housing-in-place orders or an order to evacuate. Veteran followed the same Incident Command and Control protocols required of law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency government.
Because of the nature of this operation, other than the initial briefing of law enforcement and emergency government, all operation protocols, logs, briefings, written plans, and tutorials are password protected and considered the exclusive property of The Risk Management Learning Center.
Refer to RMLC white papers, case studies, and presentations based on Operation Concealed Carry.



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Incident Commander

Command Staff:

Chief of Operations

Chief of Planning

Chief of Logistics

Chief of Finance

Staging Area Managers:

Members of the Egg Harbor Business Association

Operations Chief -              

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Planning Chief - Navy              Lee Burnette                    Liberty Grove VFW Post 8337

Operation Concealed Carry began 30 prior to Fall Festival 2006. Faculty from The Risk Management Learning Center wrote plans for 1, 7, 14, 30, and 60 days.
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Logistics Chief Army   George Erickson    VFW Post 8337

Logistics included setting up an Incident Command Post at the VFW Post 8337 brat stand next to Al Johnsons. The brat stand has been equipped with a PA system and multi-function radio (AM, FM, Short-wave),

The designated staging area was the antique car corral.

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